About Me

Gardening has become a passion for me, because I love to be surrounded by natural beauty.

There is nothing more precious than to sit in your own oasis or sanctuary at home, being able to privately relax. Or entertain loved ones.

During 2020/ 2021 and the height of the Pandemic, I tragically lost many loved ones, including my mother and grandmother.

These were not due to Covid, but they occurred in a time of great change, uncertainty, lockdowns and limited physical contact with anyone – outside of our immediate families under the same roof.

I found that gardening was a hugely beneficial therapy towards healing the immense grief I was experiencing. Just having the sun and breeze on my face, hearing and seeing birds, butterflies and bees and having my hands covered in earth calmed my soul.

I planted over 200 bedding plants and bulbs during that Spring and Summer of 2020 and about the same in 2021.

The garden is a lush riot of colour as a result. And a great pollinating ground for our endangered bees.

I felt I was putting life back, where it had gone, and transferred my grief into nurturing new life forms – which smiled at me each time I opened the back door…

Coming from a multi awarded film making and holistic medicine background, I cherished this opportunity to be creative without needing to speak to anyone or have any close contact. It opened up new areas of my brain.

It also assisted in providing me with quiet, sacred space in which to focus on the present – and gently honour the past.

I would love to be able to help you design your garden, so you have your own little Eden, no matter how large or small the space is.

I studied several courses to professionally aid me, which are listed below.
This is more of a sideline based on my love of it – which means I will treat each project with care, respect and love.

I still make films and treat people with holistic treatments, but as a freelance person I have lots of creative time at hand. And garden design is a living, breathing art form which has no limitations. It’s also all in HD and 5D!

Please contact me for a free phone consultation, to see how I could assist your vision for your garden.


Your Zen Garden Planner
Email: zengardenplanner@gmail.com
Tel: 07725 534 036


  • Garden Design and Maintenance Diploma
  • The Complete Gardening diploma
  • Zen Gardening Certificate
  • Urban Gardening Certificate